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Developing A Strategy For Residential Movers

Preparing for movers and packers to orchestrate a major home or business transition can be exciting. On the one hand, you’re about to embark on a major turning point in your life (and/or career). On the other hand, you’re nervous because the move itself is not without risk. You want to avoid losing or breaking important possessions, getting injured, and incurring needless costs.

Before the moving company comes, engage in the following processes.

First, finish up your household chorus.  Do your laundry. Clean the dishes. Tidy up your place. Do this not to “look good” for the movers but rather to get in an organizing frame of mind. As you prep and pack, make decisive decisions about whether to keep or toss stuff.

Get into the habit of purging. Psychological studies suggest that people who purge tend to be happier and less regretful. Avoid purging valuables (obviously), childhood art and other mementoes that are hard to replace. However, books, magazines, clothing, electronics, etc. can all be replaced. When in doubt, toss them or donate them.

Make a pile of material that you will move yourself.

Mark boxes for easy unpacking. For instance, put all your toiletries in a box and label it “bathroom.” Put your kitchen appliances in boxes labeled “kitchen.” Label boxes that need to be treated carefully or that are particularly heavy.

Back up all of your phones, electronic devices and computers before moving.

Be mindful of your pets. Consider removing them from the premises before the movers come.

Want to be really generous? Set aside snacks and drinks for the packers.

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