The Dangers of Doing a Bay Area Move Yourself

How useful are professional moving companies? Do you really need help packing up and shipping your personal belongings across town (or across the country)? If you’re not strong enough to move your belongings – and/or you lack a group of willing friends/helpers – the decision is probably a no brainer. Obviously, you need a mover.

Benefits of Hiring Professional MoversMany people who are relatively fit and optimistic about their health and strength should also stop and seriously consider hiring a moving and storage service. Here’s why.

First of all, the packing/moving/shipping process is complex. It’s actually comprised of dozens of little processes, some of which you may never consider. Do you know how to pack your boxes optimally to avoid breakage? Do you know how to lift furniture down stairs without breaking your back or spraining your knee? If you’re downsizing or moving to another area of the country for work, you may need secure storage facilities for your extra things.

Even if there is a slight chance – let’s say 5% chance – that you could hurt yourself, is that a risk you really want to take? Consider the downside. What would happen if you DID get hurt? You might not be able to work for several months. Or you might need serious rehab or therapy that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Moving takes a lot of time and energy. If you work at a job where you get paid by the hour, you’re effectively sacrificing hours that you could be working. In essence, you’re paying to move yourself!

So how can you deal with your move economically and strategically?

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