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What Your Movers Wish You Knew About the Process

You can make your moving project more convenient and less stressful by hiring a professional moving company. However, that alone won’t take all of the stress off. Several things could still go wrong. You’ll need to work with the company to make the moving process as smooth as possible. Take a look at the things that every mover wishes you knew to make your move and their job much easier.

Tips for a smooth move.


Pack Before Moving Day

If you’ve chosen not to use the packing services of your moving company, you should have your possessions packed properly, taped up, and ready to move by the time the movers arrive. That will help keep your stuff safe as well as save you a significant amount of both time and money. Don’t pack your books and other heavy items in large boxes, as that will make them harder to move. You should also empty your desks, drawers, and armoires to get rid of unnecessary weight and chances of items falling out of them during the moving process.

Label Everything

Label each box with the items enclosed in it as well as which room it’s intended to go. That will help your movers know what to do with your boxes once they get them to your new home and make unpacking less stressful. If something is broken or fragile, make sure you mark it and tell your movers about it beforehand so they can handle it with utmost care.

Don’t Pack Prescription Medication, Cash, or Jewelry

Do you have prescription medications that you’ll need quick access to at your new home? Maybe you have some money hidden in your sock drawer or expensive jewelry stored in your bedroom closet. Professional movers don’t want to worry about the safety of these items on moving day because they have many other things to keep track of, and they’d like to protect themselves from false accusations. Consider keeping these items in a separate box or bag in your vehicle during the move.

Reserve a Parking Spot

Your movers will come with the assumption that you’ve already researched on the time limitations on moving or parking, where their truck can be parked, and how they can easily access your home. One way to surely put a damper on your moving plans is finding out on moving day that the truck has to be relocated or has received a parking ticket. Find out if there are designated moving hours where you live and schedule your moves within the set hours. Reserve a parking spot for the truck before it arrives.

Sit Back and Relax

You may mean well as you hop on the moving truck to reorganize boxes. Unfortunately, you’re interrupting the moving process that your movers have been professionally trained to carry out. You may also jeopardize their insurance. Getting out of their way and allowing them to do their job will help make the process faster and more efficient. It will also make the move less stressful.

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