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All full-service movers have a list of non-movables, which is an industry term for classifying items that professional movers don’t transport due to legal, ethical or safety reasons. Not knowing that these items are prohibited can make your moving day more stressful and chaotic. For example, you may be forced to frantically empty packing boxes and have to come up with a new way to transport the prohibited items. Listed below are the non-movable items you should be aware of before packing up your belongings.

Items that professional movers won’t transport

Hazardous Material
Moving companies won’t handle any items that are considered flammable, corrosive, or explosive. Fertilizer, for instance, can become explosive in certain circumstances. Other items that are considered hazardous include aerosol cans, paint and paint thinner, kerosene, charcoal, fire extinguishers, batteries and power equipment containing fuel. Most moving companies will list for you the hazardous items they won’t move. The best course of action you can take is to use these items before moving day, give them to friends and family, or properly dispose of any leftovers.

Long distance movers won’t transport any breed of plant. Additionally, they require a special license to transport plants beyond 150 miles. This requirement is in place to prevent the plants from carry emerald ash borers and other pests with them, infesting a new area.

Perishable Food
Local movers may transport your perishable food, provided it’s properly packed and can be delivered to your new home within 24 hours. However, that’s not always possible in a long distance move since the food can naturally spoil. When this happens, pests such as rats can be attracted and cause damage to your property. Thus, it’s best to plan your meals well in advance of your move to ensure all perishable items are consumed. Alternatively, frozen food can be packed in a cooler and be moved yourself.

To see Magic Moving’s full list of prohibited items click here.

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