Security and Preventative Maintenance Tips for Residential Movers

Relaxing After Bay Area Movers And Packers Leave

Whether you’re exploring Bay Area moving companies because you want to move your Silicon Valley start up closer to San Francisco, or you’re moving across town to a bigger house because you finally managed to pay off your child’s private school tuition, you’re probably thinking a lot about the move itself. But it can be useful to think beyond the immediate logistics. What do you do when you actually move into the new home? Here are some ideas:

Once the professional movers have left, change your locks. Call a locksmith and make sure that you have fresh keys so realtors or maintenance specialists can no longer get in and out.

Reserve time to unpack and clean up. It’s no fun to unpack slowly and agonizingly over the course of 6 to 8 months, all the while being taunted by the sight of that one room with 50 boxes stacked to the ceiling. Give yourself space and time to take things out of boxes, clean up debris, vacuum the carpet, clean the counter and so forth.

Likewise, handle the critical maintenance now as opposed to six months from now. Check your HVAC system, put in new window treatments, go down to The Container Store and get organizers for your closets and cabinets, and paint the baby’s room now. Preventative maintenance always makes sense; besides, you may discover issues that you can fix before they cause problems. For instance, finding a leaky pipe now as opposed to 6 months from now can prevent structural damage and costly repairs, not to mention damage to the possessions that you move in.

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