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Sacramento Moving Companies Offer Temporary & Long Term Storage Options

Portable moving storage containers have been around for a few years. Many Sacramento moving companies find these containers convenient for moving. If your business or home needs temporary storage for a move or renovation, check out why these containers might be your best bet.

Accessibility and Ability to Park These Containers Anywhere

With a storage container, you can put it anywhere you choose. It’s mobile. You won’t have to drive downtown to get to your belongings, because the storage container can be put on your property. You can have moved to your business, if you want.

Load Your Items Yourself

A moving storage container lets you load your items into the container yourself. Your container can be placed in the driveway, so it’s easy to plan your move. If you pack something you later need, you can get it anytime you want. You won’t have to drive to a public storage location to retrieve something important.

Secure Storage For Expensive Items

Portable moving storage containers can be locked to allow for controlled access. These containers are weatherproof, so your belongings will be protected from the elements, rain, wind, or icy or snowy condition. Only authorized users can gain access, so your expensive items are protected during your move or while being stored.


Walnut Creek movers like storage containers because they are sturdy and can endure a lot of stress. These containers are designed to last for years. You may not need the container for more than a month, but if you do want storage for a year or more, that container is going to stand up to the test of time, even if you use it for heavy-duty equipment.


Storage moving containers can also be customized to fit your storage needs with racks, shelves, ramps and wall dividers. Some construction workers have even used the container as office space. Commercial movers in the Bay Area can help you find the storage container that fits your needs.

Backup Storage When You Need It

Storage containers are easily moved around. We can get one to your site quickly, so when you need additional storage, you’re covered. We love these containers because they are so adaptable to our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

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