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Use These Tips after an Eviction

Receiving an eviction notice from a landlord can be a disheartening experience. It can also negatively impact your credit rating and damage your rental history. However, it is possible to overcome the stigma of an eviction and successfully rent another apartment. You’ll then need reliable Bay Area movers. Here are some tips to help you get another apartment after an eviction.

Reconcile with Your Landlord

Even if you have already been evicted, it’s not too late to make things right with your former landlord. Attempt to settle any disagreements, rectify any errors, and pay for damage you may have caused. In turn, the landlord may be willing to remove records of the eviction from your rental and credit history. If it is obvious that your landlord is being unjust you can attempt to take legal action, but use this strategy only as a last resort.

Compile References

This eviction may have been an anomaly in an otherwise exemplary rental history. To verify that you are reliable, obtain references from past landlords, business partners, previous employers, and other people who can vouch for your character and reliability. If necessary, find a co-signer who will assume partial financial responsibility when you rent your new apartment.

Work on Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating indicates to landlords whether you will be diligent in paying your rent. If it has taken a hit recently, work on improving it. To start, find out the details of your credit report by obtaining it for free from the major credit agencies. Look for any discrepancies and errors, and correct these if necessary. Always pay utility, credit card, and other bills on time, as late payments can damage your credit rating. Work on paying down and eventually eliminating debt.

Find Reasonable Landlords

Although some landlords might refuse to rent to you once they find out that you have been evicted, others will be willing to listen to your story and attempt to find a way to meet your needs. They may be satisfied with your references and proof of employment. If you are persistent you will find housing owners that do not require credit reports or background checks. Then you will be ready to hire the Walnut Creek movers you need and move in.

Be Honest

If the issue of your eviction comes up with a potential new landlord, be honest about what caused it. However, emphasize that you are determined that it will not happen again and that you intend to be more responsible in the future. Your sincerity may convince the landlord to take a chance on you.

Remain Calm & Hire Walnut Creek Movers

An eviction may make your search for housing more difficult, but don’t panic. If you remain persistent, you will eventually find the right housing that meets your needs. If you are moving t and need the right Bay Area moving and storage services, contact Magic Moving, the reliable Walnut Creek movers.

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