Moving On a Budget Is Easier Than You May Think

northern california moving companyWhether you’re searching for Bay Area moving companies to help you transition your family to Palo Alto from the San Diego area, or you’re researching moving and storage strategies to help your family move on a budget, here are five ways to save money while getting excellent results.

1. Get clarity about your finances and decide the cash amount that you can afford to spend.

Pay attention to all potential moving expenses. You’ll need to spend money on movers, rental equipment, furniture and supplies, food, gas, and other miscellaneous costs. Pick a number that works for your budget — that’s both conservative and realistic.

2. Create a line item budget for the move.

As President Eisenhower once warned, planning is useless, but plans are essential. Your budget is not meant to be a tool that you follow to the letter. It’s meant to constrain your planning and make you more strategic. Figure out what you’re likely going to spend on food, transportation, moving supplies, furniture, gifts for the neighbors and movers, and so forth. Go line item by line item. If you need to take time off of work to make the move happen, don’t forget to include that in your financial planning! Measure actual moving expenses as well as estimated ones.

3. Cut out projects from your budget that aren’t totally necessary.

Subdivide your budget into “nice to have” versus “essential to have” for the move. For instance, you might want to buy furniture for your large new home, just so everything would feel “complete” at the end of the process. But maybe that scenario doesn’t fit your budget right now. Pare down to what’s essential to create more room and flexibility in your budget.

4. Sell what you don’t need, and be smart about what you bring with you.

As you go through your home to prepare to move, you probably will find a lot of junk that you probably could eliminate. When in doubt, throw it out. Travel lighter to reduce moving costs.

5. Ask your landlord for the security deposit, ASAP.

Use the security deposit to help fund some of the move. But don’t count on this money while you’re planning and budgeting. Consider it a bonus until it actually lands in your bank account.

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