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Here are Some Tips from Bay Area Movers

When you’re about to make a household move, either across town or across the country, it takes a lot of planning to pull it off, and you will generally identify a specific day to undertake the big move. But what happens if it starts raining cats and dogs on that one day you’ve set aside for your move? If you have engaged the services of Magic Moving, the best Bay Area residential moving company, then everything would come off just as planned, with no disruption to your plans. If you’re trying to manage things on your own, you might want to follow some of these rainy-day tips. 

Reduce walking distances

Perhaps the best tip from Bay Area movers is this one. With rain trying to soak everything, you can reduce the amount of moisture brought into the household by collecting all your movable goods in one room, so that it becomes a central point between your house and the moving truck. If possible, position the moving truck close to the house, so that less walking distance is necessary.

Cover things with plastic

In the case of clothing or other fabrics, just tear some plastic garbage bags and place them over the clothes to avoid having them get wet. Larger pieces of furniture can be protected by shrink-wrapping and using large sheets of plastic covering. Many furniture movers in the Bay Area sell moving materials like these.

Set up mats

So that you can avoid slipping all over the household and the sidewalk, lay down some sheets of cardboard between your house and the truck. It might also be helpful to put down some old carpets or sheets in your home, on the walkways where workers will be going back and forth.

Put up a tent

If the rain is really coming down, you might want to set up a tent between the truck and your house, so that workers don’t keep getting soaked when they go in and out of the household. If you have a tarpaulin, that might be just as good, provided that you can attach it between the truck and your house.

Use a priority strategy

While it’s still raining hard, try to move plastic objects like tubs, and save other items for later when there might be a break in the rain. If that break doesn’t come, simply wrap up items like appliances or electronic equipment, so they can be protected while being moved.

Expert furniture movers in the Bay Area

When you have a move scheduled, we’ll be prepared to move your household goods, rain or shine. We at Magic Movers of Walnut Creek are one of the Bay Area moving companies which is most reliable and professional, so you can count on us regardless of weather conditions on your big day. Bay Area residential moving is what we do for a living, so we know all the best and safest practices, and we’ll make sure your household goods arrive at their new destination in excellent condition.

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