Your Reliable Moving Company Offers Helpful Tips

licensed movers bay areaYour moving company is gone. Boxes are sitting in your new home’s rooms. Now the hard work of unpacking and turning your house into a home begins. Don’t get overwhelmed with the task ahead. Use this “unpacking checklist” to help you get started:

The essentials. Always mark your “essentials boxes” and ask professional movers to place them in easy access areas. You’ll want to have your basic cooking supplies, clothing, toiletries, and sheets easily accessible.

Appliances. You may need your alarm clock, coffeemaker, and microwave to get through the first several days. Focus on unpacking these next.

Furniture. Move large furniture to roughly the right area in a room. You can always go back and rearrange later, but this strategy allows you freedom of movement within a space. Residential movers may or may not assemble your bed when they move it in. Make sure your bed is ready to go the first night of the move for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bathroom. You will definitely need towels, showering supplies, and other necessities before the first week has passed. The bathroom is a good place to start organizing and decorating. It’s smaller than other rooms, and the reorganization will give you a sense of accomplishment without having to do intensive work.

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Cross off one item or room at a time, and your home will be the way you envisioned it in no time at all. For help with the actual moving process, please get in touch with our experienced Bay Area professionals at (877) 24-MAGIC today for a free estimate.

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