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Here’s What’s Great About the Bay Area

Walnut Creek moving companies always look forward to delivering renters and homeowners to their new digs throughout the Bay Area. They know these Bay Area transplants will soon learn they are never far from something fun to do or interesting to see. There are many beautiful places to live, transportation options abound, employment opportunities, entertainment, and restaurants are abundant.

Bay Area Locations Just for You

Whether it’s the twinkling city lights of San Francisco, the tree-lined neighborhoods in Walnut Creek or the rolling hills in Fremont, there is a perfect place for everybody. If you haven’t already decided where you want to live, don’t worry. You can get in touch with a realtor or property management company for ideas and recommendations. Or, would you prefer to explore the Bay Area on your own? If so, the internet is your friend. You can visit websites like, or even Craigslist. Before your move, figure out how much you can spend, how much space you need, and how far you want to commute to work and play destinations. If you need information about relocating, don’t hesitate to ask a professional Walnut Creek moving company how they can make your move easier.

Employment In Every Direction

The Bay Area has had a booming job market for many years. Although San Francisco, Cupertino, and Fremont are known for their numerous job opportunities, there are fabulous jobs in almost all Bay Area cities. Apple, Yahoo, Pixar, and Facebook are just a few famous companies that have chosen the Bay Area as a hub. However, thousands of other thriving businesses, both big and small, allow work-on-site, telecommuting, and growth opportunities. Plus, depending on experience, skills and other details, many Bay Area companies have earned a reputation for their perks and paying their employees exceptionally well. If you’re looking for a job, and are both considered excellent launching pads.

Great Weather

Bay Area weather is renowned for its comfort and diversity. It differs depending on where you go and the time of year. You can find loads of sunshine and heat, but you may also find fog and moderate temperatures. It can rain in the East Bay, but in the South Bay, the sun could be shining – all at the same time! Generally, it never gets too hot or too cold for very long in any area.

Lots of Transportation

There’s almost always a mode of transportation to get you where were you want or need to go, whether in your car or using public or private transportation. Most of the areas offer well-maintained streets, freeways, and railways used by cars, buses, transit systems, and Uber or Lyft drivers. Whether commuting by car, using Walnut Creek movers to transport your belongings by truck, or Ubering to San Francisco, there’s always an excellent way to travel in the Bay Area.

Limitless Entertainment Possibilities

Your entertainment prospects in the Bay Area are just about off the charts. You can go to free musical concerts or movies offered at local city parks (check city websites for dates and times). Or you can visit popular venues to see talented musicians, exciting sports events, inspiring speakers, authors, and experts. Would you like to indulge in a memorable nearby getaway? In that case, you can also visit the wineries in Napa Valley, walk the beaches of the Mendocino Coast or ski or snowboard in Lake Tahoe.

Restaurants for All

Don’t worry about finding the perfect restaurant to make your taste buds happy. The Bay Area has almost every type of restaurant known to civilization. You can ask your coworkers, family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances for recommendations, read Yelp reviews or go ahead give them a try. Not surprisingly, many Bay Area restaurants are world-renowned, but some are locally renowned as well.

Contact Walnut Creek Movers and Start Enjoying the Bay Area?

If considering a move to the Bay Area, contacting an expert Walnut Creek moving company like Magic Moving is a wise decision. Contact Magic Moving for a free quote so you can learn how to start enjoying the Bay Area as soon as possible.

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