Walnut Creek Mover Shares Its Best Tips


Moving in the winter is (generally) no one’s first choice, but financial pressures, job shifts or property options can force people to pack up and ship out in the heart of January or February. Make your move as painless as possible with these tips from licensed movers.

Choose the right day, weather-wise.
Watch the weather before your move, and strive to avoid moving days that promise a lot of precipitation or extreme temperatures. Pay attention to the weather both in the city you’re leaving and your destination city or town.

Clean walkways at your old and new home.
If snow, ice or debris is present, remove it from the walkways, and salt the terrain. Protect yourself and your moving crew from slip and falls that could not only hurt people but also damage your furniture and other cargo.

Use rugs or drop cloths to protect flooring.
Even with relatively ice-free walkways, you or your Bay Area movers might track water or dirt into the house. Lay down rugs and/or drop cloths to keep your floor clean and dry, and mop up any loose mud or water pools not only to prevent slips inside but also to protect floorboards from water damage.

Establish a back-up plan.
Most furniture moving companies are accustomed to moving in the winter months. However, if the weather gets too bad, you may need to reschedule your move. Create a Plan B, so you don’t feel pressure to push yourself (and your team) to do a move under overly challenging circumstances.

Make Your Move Easy With Your Bay Area Movers

Whether you’re packing up your family for a retreat to a warmer climate, like San Diego or Austin, or you’re moving your company HQ closer to the tech hub of the Silicon Valley, you likely have a gamut of questions and concerns about the process. Our seasoned movers can help you price and compare options and make sure to protect your assets and keep everyone involved (kids, employees, pets, etc.) calm and even excited about the process.

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