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Bay Area Movers – How to Protect Your Belongings During a Renovation

Home renovations can transform your house so you don’t have to think about moving. So why would need Bay Area movers during your remodel? Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bedroom or dining room, you probably aren’t thinking of hiring a moving company to pack your furniture or store it. Here are a few reasons movers reduce your stress during renovations.

Prep Your Furniture For Storage

Even if you plan on putting your furniture and belongings in your garage, you want to make sure that your furniture doesn’t get damaged while it’s sitting around. Professional movers can prep your belongings to stay safe while being stored. From covering a sofa to taking apart a bed, the pros can handle getting your furniture ready for the storage room.

Finding the Right Storage

Residential moving companies in the Bay Area can help you find the right space to store your items. If you have an empty room in your home, that might work. Your garage may or may not be a safe place to keep furniture. Garage floors can get wet, so your furniture may not be safe. Fortunately, your home isn’t your only option. If space is a premium, you might want to opt for an off-site storage room. If you want your items close at hand, a personal storage container might be just the ticket. Some of your items may need climate-controlled storage. Magic Moving & Storage can help you find the right place to store all your belongings.

Putting Things Back

Even if you have a contractor doing the renovations on your home, when it’s over, you’ll want your items put back in the right place. A Bay Area residential moving company can get you set up quickly. You won’t worry about damaging your new flooring or walls by bumping furniture around. There’s no concern that your friends might get hurt carrying bulky furniture up steps or stairs. Our professional movers are conditioned and have the right equipment to move your furniture safely for your home and their bodies.

Residential Moving Companies in the Bay Area

Take a chore off your to-do list when you’re ready to make renovations to your home. Let Magic Moving & Storage handle the heavy lifting by taking care of your furniture while your home is under construction.

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