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Bay Area Residential Moving Company Shares Renter Security Tips

Moving into a new place? Make sure that you protect your home- and all that is in it- when settling into a rented property. There are some ways to enhance a sense of security for renters, without invasive measures like installing bulky equipment or expensive technology.

Protect your rented home and your belongings with these security tips:

Trouble-shoot your Surroundings

When you move in or are contemplating your security, make a point to look for the vulnerabilities and gaps that could leave you unprotected. Get rid of anything that gives others the opportunity to commit theft, like keeping valuables out of sight. Pull your curtains and blinds, too, even during daytime if you are not there.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep an eye on your door with an inexpensive and easy to use Wireless video doorbell. These are often around $100, and motion activated, so you can see who is lurking around your home.

Make a Friend

Try to form a camaraderie with another tenant in the building or a trusted neighbor. This gives you another set of eyes on your property when you are not home- just as you can keep an eye out on theirs.

Assess your Windows

Windows are often the vulnerability that provides criminals with a means of access into a home. Keep windows locked and if they don’t lock securely, invest in removable fixtures that can prevent them from being opened.

Buy Renters’ Insurance

Renter’s insurance can be a nice safety net in the event that your property is damaged or stolen. Always review the personal property items that you claim to make sure the policy’s value will cover items adequately. Talk to an insurance professional to learn more about coverage.

The first step that prospective renters can take is to choose where they live very carefully. Remember that corner units are twice as exposed- so they could be targeted more than those apartments or town homes with less exposure to the public. Also, ground level apartments could be easier to access than those above the first level. Keep this in-mind when apartment hunting.

Use these tips to beef-up your security and protect your stuff in your rented home.

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