how to pick a moving company

Practically everywhere you turn, you need to be aware of scams. The moving industry is no stranger to disreputable companies that hold belongings for hostage. Here’s how to know if you’re working with licensed movers in the Bay Area who will get your household moved.

They aren’t registered with the FMCSA.

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration monitors the moving industry because moving companies use trucks. Each moving company will have a USDOT number, listed on the trucks and their website. That number can be searched in the FMCSA’s database for extra information. Proper licensing is vital to avoiding moving scams, but it’s not the only thing to look for.

They don’t give an estimate for accurate pricing.

Companies that only offer an online or verbal estimate could be shady. The best way to know what your move will cost is to come to your home and inspect your actual belongings. Bay Area moving companies that ask you sign an estimate or pay up front without sending an estimator to your home are probably scamming you. Don’t sign any paperwork without reading it over carefully.

Bay Area moving company doesn’t have a digital presence

First, look for a website for the moving company. Scammers do not want to leave a trail behind, so they usually won’t have one. Once you’ve verified the website and USDOT license information, check for third-party reviews on Google or You may also want to check the BBB for any local reviews.

The moving company charges by cubic foot.

Legitimate moving companies use weight to determine the price of the move, not how much space it takes up. If you’re getting an estimate based on size, square feet, cubic meters, etc., you may not be working with a reputable company.

How much do you pay up front?

Reputable moving companies may ask for a deposit, but they won’t ask you to pay in full up front, unless you are moving abroad. Legitimate moving companies are also transparent about their pricing, their services, and their contract. If you don’t have a good feeling after talking to a moving company, trust that.

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