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Most Common Reason People Call Long Distance Moving Companies in the Bay Area

Americans have a lot of familiarity with packing boxes and moving trucks because we move a lot. According to the American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, on average, Americans move over 11 times in their lifetime. The study reported that about 40 million Americans have moved each year over the past five years, with about 14 percent of moves across state lines. 

Moving often comes with plenty of stress. But there is a good way to get a long-distance move done smoothly and successfully and reduce stress at the same time. That is to use the services of professional Bay Area long distance movers. 

Reasons to Move Long-Distance

The reasons to move long-distance include moving to accept a new job or take an employment transfer, moving to be closer to family or friends, moving for educational reasons, moving due to a marriage, or relocating due to the death of a spouse or a divorce. Relocating can also be motivated by a desire to make a fresh start, move to a more livable area, or to seek a different climate. In every case, qualified Bay Area interstate movers can help you make the move a great one. 

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Bay Area Long-distance Movers

Moving long-distance is not a DIY project. Professional Bay Area long distance movers will help you reduce the normal stress of moving and give you peace of mind. They will guarantee the safety of your belongings, protect your valuables, and provide moving insurance. They will spare you from the imposition on family, friends, or strangers from the chores of packing, wrapping, and loading furniture and household goods. They will help you avoid personal injury by doing all the awkward and heavy lifting themselves. They will do everything right because they are well-trained to handle every type of home appliance and furniture. And they come well-prepared to handle every type of move. Moving companies will schedule their services to meet your timetable. They will save you time and money. And you can arrange storage services, if needed, with the moving company.  

How to Choose Among Long Distance Moving Companies in the Bay Area

First, do your research, looking for companies with great reputations. You should also ask for referrals from family members, friends, and real estate agents. Also, check their Better Business Bureau listings. 

Second, get three different in-person quotes.

Third, make sure the movers are licensed and insured. 

Fourth, be sure that the movers offer every service that you need. Especially, make sure that the company you choose will do a thorough inventory of all your belongings. 

Fifth, get a written estimate. 

Long Distance Moving Companies in the Bay Area

Contact the moving pros at Magic Moving, the expert Bay Area local and long-distance moving and storage company with over 100,000 relocations since 1990. We’ll provide personal and attentive service to make your move/storage great. 

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