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Long Distance Moving Mistakes to Avoid

The moving process can be tedious and daunting; especially if you’re covering several hundred miles or more. Many things can easily go wrong if you don’t plan for the process well in advance. If you want to make your next long distance relocation as smooth as possible, make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Need-to-Know Info for Moving Long Distances

Using Clean Clothes as Padding for Packing

Using clothing as padding when packing instead of packing foam or paper may seem to be a cost-efficient way to pack your stuff. However, this method could lead to stained clothes via dirt. In this case, you’ll require adding dirty laundry to your already full to-do list once you arrive at your new home. Even worse, a grease stain can make your clothing due for the trash bin. This can be overwhelming.

Packing Food or Liquids

Food can be easily crushed, ruined, or tarnished during a move. What’s more, they can attract vermin to your consignment. Liquids can seep out of their containers, even if they’re well sealed, and onto your belongings. Avoid packing food and liquids.

Not Knowing Your Move-In Situation

Your moving experience can be dampered if you don’t research your new home’s move-in requirements. The building manager may not allow movers on certain days or at certain times. If you don’t know these details beforehand, you run the risk of having your movers dismayed as they wait to be cleared to move in. Talk to the manager to clear your move-in before the moving day. You should also find out about parking requirements and availability.

For Long Distance Moving Assistance, Contact Magic Moving

With adequate planning, you can avoid these moving mistakes. Should you need any help with your upcoming long distance move, contact Magic Moving, a Bay Area long distance moving company. We’ve provided over 100,000 local, long distance, and overseas relocations. We offer flexible schedules, fast turnaround, certified weight tickets, and GPS 24-hour tracking. For more information, call us at 877-246-2442. For a free moving quote use our online form.

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