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Got To Move Out Quick? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Packed And Moved In Record Speed!

You’ve decided to move, oh my! Maybe you have the luxury of plenty of lead time. Or, maybe you need to make a hurried move. In either case, don’t drag it out. You will have less stress if you get right on it. You can actually move in a week or less with these moving tips and the help of a Bay Area moving and storage company.

Does it Matter Where I’m Moving To?

No. These tips apply if you are planning to move locally, to another city, another state or even across the world. Depending on your home size and moving distance, you can do part of the move yourself. But, for expert care in all parts of the move, save your sanity, your back and your breakables and choose a professional Bay Area moving and storage company.

Consider Professional Help First

Bay Area residential movers are available to provide all the support that you need in your move. You don’t have to call in favors from your neighbors and friends. You don’t have to risk hurting someone who shouldn’t be lifting heavy things. And, you don’t have to risk breaking your household goods. The professionals have the materials, the packing know-how, the equipment, and the right size truck to get you where you want to go.

5 Steps for a Smooth Move

  1. Make a plan. First, understand that a move entails a lot of activities. So, you need to take time for them. Write down the things that you need to do and follow your plan. Get right on it—that does make it easier.
  2. Call local help. If you need Bay Area residential movers, make an early and prompt phone call. They’ll come out to evaluate the size and complexity of your move and will give you a cost quote. An early call helps you to get on their move schedule more quickly.
  3. Get organized. Determine what personal items you will take in your car. Assess what you can toss or donate. Eliminating excess will lower moving weight cost and reduce moving effort.
  4. Gather supplies. This includes boxes and packing materials. Organize and label boxes so you know what you have. That will significantly simplify the unpacking and move into your next home
  5. Get help with part or all of your move. You don’t want to do this by yourself!

Choose the Right Bay Area Moving and Storage Company

When it is time to move, contact Magic Moving, a Walnut Creek local and long-distance moving company, offering trusted professional full-service moving assistance for decades. Get a free moving and storage quote HERE.

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