Moving tips

Moving Tips

Moving is an exciting experience but stressing at the same time. Chances are, you are going to forget one or two things especially if you have never moved before. Maybe you disconnected an electronic device and forgot how to connect it; maybe you put an item somewhere you can’t literally remember, such things can make you completely ‘sane.’ But the following few moving tips you can make your moving experience easy not to mention helping you keep your sanity.

1. Find good free moving boxes

Save some moving expenses by getting free boxes maybe from your local warehouse store, grocery or head on to Craigslist. Small boxes are better especially for heavy or fragile items, so get as many as you can. Then organize them in an easy way to avoid stress on a moving day. Label then on the side -not on the top, so that you can see the label when the boxes are stacked.

2. Space filler and paddling

You can use soft cloths, sheets, and small blankets as padding on fragile items. Doing this does not only help reduce damages but also helps get extra space as you fill up irregular empty spaces on the boxes.

3. Always defrost your refrigerator

It’s now time to start emptying your freezer and your refrigerator at least a day or two before relocation. Do not buy new frozen foods, or perishables. To avoid a sticky mess on moving day, Defrost, clean and dry your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving.

4. Use the rolling luggage for heavy items

Use a rolling bag if you have any, on heavy items like books. This way you can avoid heavy lifting and roll them onto the moving truck.

5. Take photos of your electronic before you disconnect

This way, you don’t need to stress yourself remembering what cable to connect where and how. It will just be easy to look at the photo and see how everything is supposed to be connected.


7. Put hanging clothes in a garbage bag

Keep the hanging clothes on hangers but protected in garbage bag. This saves you the hassle of taking them on when in a new place. You will also avoid wrinkles not to mention keeping them clean.

8. Have plenty of plastic bags and use plastic wraps

Plastic wraps are your best friend when moving. Wrap all the drawers and everything inside instead of emptying them. You can actually use sand wish plastic bags for small items like phone chargers, screws, nails, cords and more. If these small things resemble one another, label them.

Remember, the key to successful moving is preparation and of course a help from professional moving company.

Plan everything ahead, get some help from a friend and take this opportunity to donate some of the things that you don’t need.

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