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Residential Movers in the Bay Area Holiday Décor Storage Tips

For many people, there is a bit of sadness when it becomes time to take down the end-of-year holiday decorations. At the same time, it is nice to have a fresh new look going into the new year. If you are among those who “do it up big” for the holidays, you may need storage space to keep all that great stuff until next year. And if you happen to be among those Americans who make a household after the holidays, packing away your holiday decor will be an important activity as you prepare to move. Whether cleaning up after weeks of celebrating, or preparing to move, expert residential movers in the Bay Area can help you with your packing and storage needs. 

When Do People Move

Millions of Americans move each year with about 70 percent of those moves occurring in what is called “peak season,” that is mid-May through mid-September, when the weather is warmer, and kids are out of school. However, a great time to move is in the off-season, or October through April when there will be less moving demand so that movers have more schedule availability, and rates may be lower. When you know when you need to make a household or commercial move, commercial moving companies in the Bay Area will work with you to make your move smooth and satisfying. They’ll also work with you if you need to pack and store your goods temporarily, or to make a transitional move. 

Tips for Packing Away Your Holiday Décor

These tips for packing away your holiday décor are aligned with similar principles in packing for a local or long-distance move. Long-distance moving companies in the Bay Area will appreciate your preparation to move and you’ll experience less stress. 

First, plan your work and organize your efforts. Gather the packing materials that you will need including boxes or plastic bins, packing tape, marking pens, tissue paper, bubble wrap, and plastic baggies to keep all the tiny things organized like ornament hooks. Your goals should be to pack all items so that nothing gets broken and to pack them so they can be easily retrieved and then reused next year. 

Second, get rid of the things that you don’t want to pack, store, or move. 

Third, organize what you will pack, separating items by type. 

Fourth, carefully wrap fragile items and put them (and all other items) into boxes or plastic containers so there is no space for them to rattle around. Don’t forget to remove all the batteries. And don’t pack or store any combustible liquids. 

Fifth, label every box or storage container. 

Choose One of the Best Residential Movers in the Bay Area

Contact the moving pros at Magic Moving, the expert Bay Area local and long-distance moving and storage company with over 100,000 relocations since 1990. We’ll provide personal and attentive service to make your move/storage great. 

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