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Why Local Movers are Seeing More People Moving to Oakland

The Bay Area is such a great place to be these days. When one thinks of California, they often think of beautiful San Francisco, but Oakland isn’t far behind, nor is it far away. Why is everyone calling Bay Area local movers and relocating to Oakland? It could be because of the following reasons:

5 Reasons Why Moving To Oakland Is So Appealing

  1. Better Weather

The sun, the sand and the beach. If there’s one thing the Bay Area has, it’s plentiful sunshine. On average, Oakland gets 260 days of warm sun each year, with temperatures in between 60s and 70s. It’s much more consistent and sunnier than either the West Bay and yes, San Francisco.

  1. More Affordable Living

The Bay Area gets the edge over through-the-roof rent and home prices in San Francisco. Oakland boasts a really affordable median price of $1,800 as compared to an expensive $3,300 for rent. Not only that, but the apartments are more decent as well. You won’t have to live a cramped lifestyle or share the space with a few other roommates.

  1. More Job Opportunities

You get huge companies like Pandora and Pixar leading the job industry in Oakland. There are more and more startups being found in the Bay Area everyday. Media and tech is where Oakland is at. In fact, Forbes has listed 7 Oakland-based companies within the top 100 list of fastest growing businesses, including the number 2 company Fathom.

Small businesses have their own niche here. Oakland has committed to keeping revenue within the Bay Area and emphasizes local shopping to keep the economy in good shape. Oakland Grown, a non-profit is one of the projects under the Sustainable Business Alliance.

  1. Great Cultural Diversity

A cosmopolitan city must be rich in both ethnic and cultural aspects, to which Oakland doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the best melting pot in the US, with colorful ideas, ethnicities, races and cultures which shows itself in the vibrant community life and creative spirit.

What does it mean for the artistic landscape of Oakland? You get treated to a whole range of musical ensembles, performance venues and unique art collectives. If you’re into art or music, the Bay Area is the place to be.

  1. The Sights!

The Oakland tidal lagoon. Lake Merritt. Claremont Canyon Trail. Miles of shoreline, sunny weather and fresh salty air. What more can you ask for?

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