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Bay Area Moving Companies Offer Affordable Container Moving and Storage

Time and flexibility. Those two words apply to most household moves. Every household move comes with its own timing and unique circumstances, but some moves require more time and flexibility than others. That’s when container moving and storage can come in handy, provided by one of the Bay Area reliable moving companies. 

Why You May Need to Use a Storage Container for Your Move

A portable storage container can be very useful for relocating long distance when you want to take extra care with many unboxed items that will be individually wrapped and packed in a container versus stacked in a traditional storage van. It may be useful if the timing of the moveout is somewhat staggered. It can be useful during times of decluttering, home staging, or during a home renovation. It is good to know that storage containers are excellent for long-term storage purposes. Bay Area reliable moving companies can provide storage container services. 

Pros and Cons of Renting a Portable Moving Container from Bay Area Local Movers

Some portable moving containers are delivered right to your home by one of the Bay Area moving companies. Then you, the homeowner or renter must load your belongings inside. When you are ready, the moving company can store and/or ship the container to your destination. 

The pros of renting a moving container: 

  • The container can be used for both storage and moving purposes. 
  • You can move on your own timeline. 
  • This is a convenient way to store items during your move process because you won’t need to make multiple or duplicate trips to a self-storage location.  

The cons of renting a moving container: 

  • You’ll need to find space for the unit on your property. This may be an irritant for your neighbors if you take a long time to load the container. 
  • It can be very challenging to load your own container, and there is a real risk of damaged goods if the container is loaded improperly. 
  • There are size limitations for containers, so you may not be able to load everything if you do this yourself. 

Another approach used by some Bay Area local movers is to have a moving company pick up your items, inventory, wrap and place them in a portable storage unit for storage and/or transportation to your destination. This full-service approach means no containers in your driveway, no heavy lifting for you, and expertly performed loading. 

Choose One of the Best Bay Area Moving Companies

Contact the moving pros at Magic Moving, the expert Bay Area local and long-distance moving and storage company with over 100,000 relocations since 1990. Full-service storage moving is easy. Just call and schedule your storage pick-up. We’ll inventory, wrap, and load your unit and store your container until you are ready to have it delivered to your destination. We’ll provide personal and attentive service to make your storage and move great. 


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