How to Successfully Pack Knives and Sharp Objects

Packing Like A Pro: How To Pack The Hardest Items

Magic Moving knows that sometimes the smallest items can be the most difficult to pack. Knives are especially challenging when it comes to packing correctly. They can cut the person who packs and unpacks them and damage other items during transport. You want to avoid just carrying them with you, especially if you’re flying aboard a commercial airline, unless you want them abruptly confiscated by the TSA during your journey.


Don’t Make These Mistakes Before or During Your Big Move

Read This To Avoid These Mistakes While Moving 


It’s thrilling and scary at the same time to uproot your life and transition to a new city or state. But during this time of big change, you might be especially prone to making decisions in a fatigued or overwhelmed state of mind – decisions that you’ll later regret. How can you protect yourself and ensure a seamless move? Learn from these common moving faux pas.


Your Guide To Winter Moving – Local or Cross-Country

Walnut Creek Mover Shares Its Best Tips


Moving in the winter is (generally) no one’s first choice, but financial pressures, job shifts or property options can force people to pack up and ship out in the heart of January or February. Make your move as painless as possible with these tips from licensed movers.


Money Saving Strategies While Moving

The Most Bang For Your Buck When You Move 

Money Saved by Daly City Moving Company

Not only is moving into and around the San Francisco Bay Area physically and emotionally a taxing undertaking, but it can also empty your pocketbook. Here are four battle-tested ways to conserve money while your family plans the home transition.


How to Frugally Find and Move to a Home in the Bay Area

Here Are 4 Battle-Tested Strategies To Make The Most of Your Move



Why Moving in Autumn Makes Great Sense

Autumn for Professional Bay Area Moving Company Thanks to a combination of scheduling concerns and fair weather, most Americans (Bay Area residents included) move in spring or summer. However, if you don’t have kids in school, and you’d rather avoid the busiest moving time of the year, consider calling local residential movers in autumn instead. Here are three reasons to consider bucking the trend.


Commercial Movers’ Bay Area Business Moving Tips

Bay Area Moving Company Tips for Smooth Business Relocation


Whether you’re transitioning your company from San Diego to the Bay Area or exploring how to expand and franchise a successful operation that’s already located in town, consider these tips from our experienced commercial movers. These insights can help you streamline your move and get you set up and ready for work in your new location as quickly as possible. (more…)

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