4 Tips for an Efficient Office Relocation

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Are you planning to move your office location for more space? If yes, then the best-possible solution is to relocate your workplace to a new commercial building.

As a business owner, you need to plan a smooth, seamless, and hassle-free move so that the process doesn’t impact your critical day-to-day operations. Please make sure that your business is perfectly up, running, and functional (during the relocation and move). To further assist you in planning an efficient and successful move, this article will reveal four simple yet effective tips. (more…)

Why Tech Companies Are Moving To The Tri-Valley

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Danville Movers Discuss Why Tech Companies Are Moving To The Tri-Valley

The latest Bay Area gossip says the Tri-Valley is becoming the next Silicon Valley. The truth is that despite its extensive gains in regards to this matter, it still remains a secondary player that manages to serve as part of Silicon Valley’s outer ring with most of its inhabitants being employed at tech companies. However, business leaders, local authorities, and the state government wish to change the status quo. In their view, moving a significant portion of Silicon’s Valley’s jobs closer to affordable housing is the best way forward. (more…)

"How To" Guide for the Perfect Bay Area Office Move

Office Moving Tips for Efficient Business Relocation

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Moving to a new business office can be an exciting but stressful task. Business owners and managers must consider a host of factors to ensure that the move goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Here are 4 powerful (and often ignored) tips for moving to a new office:

  • Have a physical plan prepared. Using a current floor plan and a layout of your new building, draw out the new desk locations, office assignments, furniture placements, and anything else that needs to be put into place first.
  • Identify all outlets, phone jacks, internet ports, and cable ports. Doing this legwork will give you and your team a clear idea of where your electronics should be placed, allowing you to plan for optimum workstation efficiency.
  • Label everything – it’s okay to get a little obsessional. Label all computers with the names of their owners. Label all cords and wires to distinguish them from one another. In general, “over label” to make sure that nothing can be mislaid during the move.
  • Hire professional movers. You might be tempted to do all or some of the move yourself or with the scrappy help of your junior associates. Resist this temptation!

Office movers are trained to know how to handle stressful moving situations

Why are you moving to a new office? How long do you plan on staying in this new location? Our seasoned office moving company can help you get set up in your new location more quickly, more efficiently and more cost effectively than you and your team could on your own. Call Magic Moving & Storage toll free at  (877) 246-2442.



4 Tips for Office Relocation

Challenges of Moving a Business

northern california moving companyHunting for efficient & affordable business movers can be challenging.

Whether you’re running a five person business that’s looking to relocate across the city, or a 200 person operation moving hundreds of miles from Southern California to the Bay Area, you want to make sure that your move goes off without a hitch – i.e., stays on budget, on scope, and on deadline. (more…)

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