Living in the Bay Area is Pricey! Here are Some Ways to Make Extra Money

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Living in the Bay Area Is Pricey! Here Are Some Ways to Make Extra Money

The Bay Area is known as one of the most expensive areas to live in the United States. That’s why locals of all ages have embraced the gig economy. Before you decide to call Walnut Creek movers and find a cheaper area, here is a look at several effective hustles that will help you make some extra money. Use it for basics like rent and groceries. Pay down your student loans, enjoy a vacation, or put money aside to buy a home.

Love a Mutt, Cuddle a Cat

San Francisco has more dogs than children, and too many cats to count. Sign up with, a platform that connects pet owners with sitters and walkers. You can choose your hours, locations, rates, and what type of pets you want to work with. Consider the additional benefit you get as a dog walker: exercise. Cancel your gym membership to save even more money. You can walk or jog off excess pounds while giving someone else’s pooch a chance to exercise. And you get paid too!

Pet sitting is another option. If you love cats or dogs, you can make good money as a sitter. While owners enjoy a vacation, you remind adored pets that they haven’t been abandoned.

Rent Your Space and Car to People Who Need It

Put your extra room to good use. List it on Airbnb and rent it out to visitors to the San Francisco area. Create a relaxing, comfortable space for your clients, be friendly and helpful, and you’ll get good reviews and more renters.

Driving is expensive and traffic is tough. Let someone else drive your car using the Getaround app. List your car, set your rates and when the car is available. The sophisticated app simplifies the rental process so you don’t even need to meet the driver.

Or just get rid of your car and rent out your parking spot. Check Craigslist to get an idea how much you might make. You can also list it on Spacer.

App Your Way to Extra Cash

If you decide to stay in the Bay area, you can enlarge your living space without moving, just by decluttering it. Even if you have decided to leave the area and have hired a Walnut Creek moving company, decluttering is the critical first step to packing for the move and you can gain some extra cash. Make money as you declutter with Decluttr, an app that lets you sell old books, games, DVDs and tech you no longer use.

Ibotta lets you earn cash on things you buy everyday. For past purchases, get money back with Paribus. This handy tool monitors your old email to find out if a store owes you a refund because of a price drop.

Protect Your Valuables and Get a Great Deal with Walnut Creek Movers

If there’s a move in your future, check us out. We’re the best of the Walnut Creek moving companies. We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service, attention to detail and competitive pricing. If you do decide to move to a cheaper area, give us a call: Walnut Creek, your local and long-distance moving company.

5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Increasing Your Curb Appeal Can Fetch You More Money

Selling a home involves a broad array of vital details. Before you start looking for San Ramon moving companies to help with your next move, you may need to sell the home you currently occupy. When you do this, curb appeal is important. You don’t need to spend a fortune on increasing the exterior of your home; in fact, you can add a variety of touches that are relatively affordable. By giving your property a cosmetic upgrade, you may be able to secure a better price for it than you first imagined.

Consider the following strategies for curb appeal success:

  1. Start with the Front of Your House

The front door is one of the first details people notice upon entry. If the door has not been painted in many years, or if it shows signs of wear, now is the time to repaint it. You might want to use a bold new color for added charm. When you finish with the door, try repainting the address in a vibrant hue that complements the rest of the house.

  1. Change the Lighting

Prospective buyers might drive by in the evening to gain a better sense of the neighborhood overall. The lighting you choose could make all the difference in the impression they have of your home. To lend a new look to the place, replace old porch sconces with a more modern style. Also, evaluate the lighting on the walkway and throughout the exterior property, and make repairs and changes where needed.

  1. Add New Furnishings

If the furniture on your porch is worn and faded, invest in a few new pieces. They will help to increase overall visual appeal to people shopping for a new home. Additionally, you can take your purchases with you when you move.

  1. Fix the Exterior

Be sure to have roof repairs done if they are necessary. You might also paint the outside of your home if the paint is peeling in places.

  1. Give the Landscaping a Lift

A well-kept lawn and landscaping are essential to many homeowners, so make sure that is what people see when they view your home. If you have landscaping that conserves water, you might attract even more buyers in the area.

Selling a home and moving can be an arduous process. However, you may do several things to ease stress and maximize your budget. From increasing your home’s curb appeal to using one of the best Bay Area moving companies, make the most of the resources available.

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The Top 5 Places To Raise A Family In California

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Thinking of moving to the wonderful, sunny state of California?

The most populous state of the United States is not only home to Hollywood, cutting-edge technology, blockbuster movies and millionaire mansions, but it’s also a great location for those who are looking for the ideal place to raise a family. Let’s take a look at some great cities before you call a Bay Area mover. Check out the top 5 places to raise a family in California: (more…)

7 Things that Make Berkley a Great Place to Live

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Let’s look into Berkley

Considering moving to or around California? Berkeley is a great choice if you’re looking for a more laid-back neighborhood in the San Francisco area. Curious to know what the city can offer you? Check out these 8 things before hiring the best bay area moving company:


10 Ways To Prep For An Interstate Relocation

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Moving can be stressful even if you are moving from one side of town to the other. When it is a long distance move, it comes with it’s own unique challenges. Are you planning on relocating from one state to another? We’ve got you covered! Make your move an easier one with these 10 tips for interstate moving:


8 Ultimate Moving Hacks For An Organized Move

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Moving is exciting until you start packing and realize how stressful it is. Arguments can happen, valuable items get knocked over, and boxes get jumbled up. You finally arrive at your new home only to find out important things were left behind. Preparedness is key to avoiding all the frantic efforts of going through a smooth move.  (more…)

What To Do While Movers and Packers Are at Your Home

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Full service movers can do an efficient job in an overall seamless process compared to a stressful DIY approach. You can expect the pros to expertly handle everything, from boxing it all up, loading, transporting, to unloading and unpacking things at your new home. While you can actually do errands while our trustworthy staff get to work, it’s recommended that you personally oversee packing and moving through to the end. We’ve got the expertise, experience and resources, but having you around works to your advantage. (more…)

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