Tips for Summer Residential Relocation

summer time relocation tips

You didn’t hear it from us, but here’s the unvarnished truth: the summer can be a surprisingly tricky time to move. Families with school-aged kids and military personnel often move during the summer months, causing high demands for moving company services and tight schedules.


10 Things Residential Movers Must Not Forget When Relocating

Woman Remembering Top Items for Local Relocation

Simplify Your Relocation With These Must Know Moving Tips


Moving day is near, and you’re ready to relocate to your new home, job and community. A little effort now will avoid problems later. Moving companies have seen it all, and Magic Moving and Storage offers these top 10 tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible: (more…)

How to Move Heavy Workout Equipment Successfully

Woman Ready to Move her Home Exercise Machines

Packing Like a Pro: How to Pack the Hardest Items

We continue our “Packing Like a Pro” series with a continued focus on heavier items (see our last blog to catch up). If you’ve lived in the Bay Area long enough, you won’t be surprised to know that it’s home to many of the most exciting (and outlandish) fitness trends, from CrossFit to “pegan” eating. Moving your home gym and pilates machines (or 1950’s inspired medicine balls and jump ropes) presents serious logistical challenges, though. Sure, you can roll your yoga mat up and stuff it in the car, but big gym equipment is heavy, bulky, and physically difficult to transport up staircases and into small rooms. At Magic Moving, our experts at packing and moving exercise equipment advise the following:


Moving Your Piano? You’re Gonna Need Help!

Moving a Piano

Packing Like a Pro: How to Pack the Hardest Items

Pianos present special challenges for Concord movers (or really for anyone willing to grit and get the work done) for a variety of reasons, some of which are self-evident and some of which are surprisingly subtle:


How to Successfully Pack Knives and Sharp Objects

Packing Like A Pro: How To Pack The Hardest Items

Magic Moving knows that sometimes the smallest items can be the most difficult to pack. Knives are especially challenging when it comes to packing correctly. They can cut the person who packs and unpacks them and damage other items during transport. You want to avoid just carrying them with you, especially if you’re flying aboard a commercial airline, unless you want them abruptly confiscated by the TSA during your journey.


Don’t Make These Mistakes Before or During Your Big Move

Read This To Avoid These Mistakes While Moving 


It’s thrilling and scary at the same time to uproot your life and transition to a new city or state. But during this time of big change, you might be especially prone to making decisions in a fatigued or overwhelmed state of mind – decisions that you’ll later regret. How can you protect yourself and ensure a seamless move? Learn from these common moving faux pas.


How to Cure Anxiety About Moving

Helpful Tips To Get You Ready For Your Big Move


Moving creates incredible opportunities for change, but it also forces you to reflect on your life in deep ways and leave your comfort zone – quite literally. You reset your life, your orientation, and your social circle. Anxiety can take particular hold if you’re heading across the country to start a new job or move in with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Reduce your stress with these simple tips.


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