10 Things You MUST Get Rid of Before The Big Move

A List Of Everything You Don’t Need When Moving


We’re all guilty of accumulating more stuff than our homes can hold. Here are 10 things you need to eliminate before you call Bay Area movers.


Impress for Success: Staging Your Home to Sell

Create a Welcoming Environment With Space, Light, and Color

Bay Area Moving and Storage


As residential movers, we see a lot of homes in transition, usually in a somewhat chaotic state as people move in or out. When part of your transition involves selling your old home, you have a special challenge: the house needs to invite and engage the prospective buyer. Unless your house already looks like a showcase, you need to look on it with fresh eyes to stage it for sale.


Things to Throw Out Before Your Bay Area Move

Local and Long Distance Moving Tips

Residential moving tipsAt heart, most of us are pack rats. Perhaps you’re holding onto an old remote control — you have no idea whether you need it or whether it goes with the DVD player you tossed four years ago. Or maybe you’re clinging to several dozens boxes of your child’s art. In either case, you are planning a local or long distance move and need to know: what should you keep, and what should you toss? (more…)

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