Things to Consider When Asking Friends to Help You Move

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Are You Moving To A New Home?

When it comes time to move to a new home, your first instinct is probably to ask friends and family members to help you. After all, it’s cheaper than hiring local movers in the Bay Area. Even if you do use a Bay Area moving and storage service for your move, you might still need to resort to asking for help if it turns out to be a big project.


Ways to Meet New People in Your New Neighborhood

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Moving to a New Neighborhood Soon?

Integrally joined together with the stress of relocation is the joyful prospect of meeting your neighbors and making new friends. However, if the thought of reaching out to others for the first time fills you with apprehension, don’t be alarmed. Once Bay Area moving companies or Sacramento moving companies have helped you transport your belongings to your new home, there are numerous ways of connecting with people in your neighborhood. Here are some tips to help you get started.


What To Do While Movers and Packers Are at Your Home

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Full service movers can do an efficient job in an overall seamless process compared to a stressful DIY approach. You can expect the pros to expertly handle everything, from boxing it all up, loading, transporting, to unloading and unpacking things at your new home. While you can actually do errands while our trustworthy staff get to work, it’s recommended that you personally oversee packing and moving through to the end. We’ve got the expertise, experience and resources, but having you around works to your advantage. (more…)

10 Things to Do Before the Moving Company Arrives

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Anyone who has been part of a big move at one time or another can fully appreciate the fact that it’s not a one-day event, but rather an entire process; with one of the most critical aspects being how to prepare before the movers arrive. To some, this may seem somewhat trivial, but it really isn’t. As a result, you should take it seriously in order to make your move as smooth as possible. (more…)

How to Stay Sane for Moving Day

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5 Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving day is always intense, but you can dial down the anxiety by following these moving & storage tips.


Residential Movers Tips for Planning a Successful Relocation

Moving Checklist for Properly Planning a Residential Relocation


Moving can be stressful, whether you’re coming to the Bay Area to expand your Silicon Valley start up, you’re heading down to Southern California to be closer to your mother in San Diego. However, with proper planning, you can simplify the process and reduce your anxiety. As you prepare for your move, follow these tips. (more…)

Movers and Contractors… Not a good pair.

Contractors-on-Move-Day-TipWhen you are moving, there’s a lot that needs to get done. Between selling/renting your old home and getting your new home ready for everyday living your to-do list becomes endless. Time is precious and we know it’s tempting to try and cross off a few ‘to-do’s’ in one day – but keep in mind it may cost more money in the end. No matter how you schedule it; having work done on flooring, walls, cable or even plumbing while your movers are working will ultimately slow down the pace of your move and in turn cost you a bit more money. All movers typically charge hourly, as do contractors, everyone’s ‘time efficiency’ suffers when there are too many workers in the home! Movers need constant clear access to rooms, floorspace, hallways, doorways and driveways every minute.  Any contractor working in the home has the potential to clog up the workflow. From parking work vehicles in the way to leaving tools and materials underfoot for your movers, contractors and movers have a difficult time working efficiently together.  This is a two way street – most likely your contractor will not appreciate movers in their way slowing them down either. The best plan is to set aside moving day for your movers. We always want to do the best most efficient job for you and keep your move in budget.

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