Top Reasons to Live In Roseville

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Imagine living in a city that has a little bit of everything for everyone and is located near the state capital – without the hassle of capital city living. That’s what Roseville has to offer and much more. (more…)

Benefits to Relocating During the Winter Months

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Moving in the winter.

Most people often prefer to move during the spring and summer months because the weather at these times tends to make it easier for them to relocate. They believe that during the winter season, the issue of moving can become rather difficult since it’s always cold and snowy (or rainy if you’re in the Bay Area). However, those who are brave enough to try moving at this time can hire a professional moving company to help facilitate the process on their behalf. (more…)

How to be Sure You Get Your Rental Deposit Back

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When you finally decide to move homes, there is always the nagging feeling that someone is going to garnish your security deposit check. It is endlessly exhausting to argue back and forth about what should be deducted from your deposit and what should not. To avoid this kind of hassle, you need to prepare long before that time comes. (more…)

Apps That Make Moving Easier for Bay Area Movers

Berkeley Movers Get a Head Start with These Apps

mill valley moversMagic Moving is a Northern California moving company that provides a wide array of packing and moving services. As you get ready to start your life in a new and exciting city — whether you’re moving to the Bay Area or leaving the Golden State for greener pastures — you may need more than just a Bay Area residential moving company. That’s why we recommend the following apps and online tools to make your transition to your new home smoother. (more…)

Reasons to Consider Moving to Walnut Creek

Bay Area Movers Explain Popularity of Moving to Walnut Creek


Broadway Plaza Shopping Center – Walnut Creek, California (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Moving to the city of San Francisco can be quite expensive, even if you have a steady, high-paying tech job and enough savings and good credit to afford a comfortable mortgage payment. As a result of this crowding in the SF marketplace, savvy homebuyers and developers have been looking for real estate opportunities in satellite communities with an easy commute, like Walnut Creek.

Several years ago, Walnut Creek had a reputation for being a sleepy commuter town — almost boring, even. However, in recent years, the community has blossomed and become a hip epicenter packed with chic restaurants, shopping, art and vibrant night life. The Regional Center for the Arts boasts three theaters that produce 900 shows per year as well as a free trolley that takes residents around the downtown shopping district, featuring many local and San Francisco-based stores.

Walnut Creek contains 22 parks, for a total of over 2,700 acres of green space. More than 50 species of wild, native animals can be found at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. With a “livability score” of 82, Walnut Creek is ranked in the top 100 places to live in California (and Top 10 Great Neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area). There’s no surprise that Californians are moving to Walnut Creek at increasing rates.

Walnut Creek’s affordable housing market allows for a mix of blue and white collar workers; families, seniors, and singles to come together and create a diverse set of neighborhoods. Young families are comfortable purchasing their first homes here as well, thanks in part to the excellent local school system.

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3 Benefits of Using Storage Facilities

Reasons to Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

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Moving to a new home presents complications and inconveniences for everyone, regardless of how many possessions they own. Furniture, decorations, memorabilia, and other items you won’t be using right now — but aren’t ready to get rid of! — must go somewhere. (more…)

5 Budgeting Tips for Moving Affordably

Moving On a Budget Is Easier Than You May Think

northern california moving companyWhether you’re searching for Bay Area moving companies to help you transition your family to Palo Alto from the San Diego area, or you’re researching moving and storage strategies to help your family move on a budget, here are five ways to save money while getting excellent results. (more…)

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