Top Bay Area Moving Trends for 2015

Bay Area Movers Seeing More Moves Toward Cities and Smaller Homes

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Every year, nearly 17% of the United States’ population moves into new homes. The moving and storage industry must change constantly to keep up with the demand, and each year brings new moving trends. Let’s take a look at the forecasted trends for the rest of 2015.


Planning and Packing Tips from Local Residential Movers

Pack Smart and Prepare for Your Move

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When you hire a Bay Area moving company, remember to ask for packing tips. Since movers deal with many different types of cargo on a daily basis, these professionals will likely have some great advice that can save you hassle, time, money and frustration. (more…)

Full-Service Storage or Self-Storage: What’s the Difference?

Apartment Moving Company Bay Area Berkeley Movers Explain the Two Storage Options

Storage facilities come in handy any time belongings can’t come home with you yet. Renting storage is useful during a move as a way to reduce the clutter of packed boxes, especially when it’s important for the home to look its best in the interim. Storage of some goods is a sensible option during a temporary relocation, as when a job shifts to another city or country for a limited time. It’s also useful for temporary downsizing, as when a new home can’t be moved into right away, and sometimes for permanent downsizing or settling an estate, when short-term storage can take the urgency out of selling off furnishings. One question to ask if you’re considering storage is whether you want a self-service facility or the full-service option available from a moving and storage company like Magic Moving & Storage. (more…)

5 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Why Packing Things Ahead of Time Will Help Sell Your House

professional movers bay areaAre you trying to sell your Bay Area home as fast as possible? We’ve compiled 5 of the most essential (but surprisingly underutilized) tips to close more quickly. A professional might charge upwards of $80 an hour to implement each of the following staging tips. Instead, you can try implementing them yourself, for free. (more…)

What You Should Know Before Moving into an Apartment Complex

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Found a new apartment? Hire a Furniture Moving Company to Help!

Searching for a new apartment means considering mover quotes, amenities, community, and location where you want to live. Seasoned apartment hunters and first time shoppers alike should keep in mind these few reminders for securing an appropriate, safe, and beautiful apartment. (more…)

3 Benefits of Using Storage Facilities

Reasons to Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

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Moving to a new home presents complications and inconveniences for everyone, regardless of how many possessions they own. Furniture, decorations, memorabilia, and other items you won’t be using right now — but aren’t ready to get rid of! — must go somewhere. (more…)

3 Big Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

The Dangers of Doing a Bay Area Move Yourself

How useful are professional moving companies? Do you really need help packing up and shipping your personal belongings across town (or across the country)? If you’re not strong enough to move your belongings – and/or you lack a group of willing friends/helpers – the decision is probably a no brainer. Obviously, you need a mover. (more…)

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