What Your Movers Wish You Knew About the Process

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What Your Movers Wish You Knew About the Process

You can make your moving project more convenient and less stressful by hiring a professional moving company. However, that alone won’t take all of the stress off. Several things could still go wrong. You’ll need to work with the company to make the moving process as smooth as possible. Take a look at the things that every mover wishes you knew to make your move and their job much easier.

Why Hire a Professional Packing Service

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Reasons you should hire a professional packing service

The main advantage of using professional packers is the options that are availed to you. You can either choose to let the professionals take care of everything or hire them to only take care of specific items like pianos or super heavy appliances. (more…)

What to Bring When Moving Into a Dorm

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Dorm packing and moving tips.

Dorm life can be amazing or terrible. It all depends on how you position yourself from the very start. If you have the necessary stuff to make living in a dorm comfortable, you will not only be well positioned as an individual but also automatically become the go-to guy or gal for other inhabitants. (more…)

How to Move Heavy Workout Equipment Successfully

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Packing Like a Pro: How to Pack the Hardest Items

We continue our “Packing Like a Pro” series with a continued focus on heavier items (see our last blog to catch up). If you’ve lived in the Bay Area long enough, you won’t be surprised to know that it’s home to many of the most exciting (and outlandish) fitness trends, from CrossFit to “pegan” eating. Moving your home gym and pilates machines (or 1950’s inspired medicine balls and jump ropes) presents serious logistical challenges, though. Sure, you can roll your yoga mat up and stuff it in the car, but big gym equipment is heavy, bulky, and physically difficult to transport up staircases and into small rooms. At Magic Moving, our experts at packing and moving exercise equipment advise the following:


Planning and Packing Tips from Local Residential Movers

Pack Smart and Prepare for Your Move

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When you hire a Bay Area moving company, remember to ask for packing tips. Since movers deal with many different types of cargo on a daily basis, these professionals will likely have some great advice that can save you hassle, time, money and frustration. (more…)

How to Pack and Move Your Technology

Tips from Moving Professionals

movers-and-packers-bay-areaProfessional movers in the Bay Area (and elsewhere) will tell you that many people do not understand how to pack and move their electronics.

Odds are that you invested a lot of money to obtain a great sound system, TV and computer — so do due diligence during the packing process to protect these technologies. Here’s a brief primer: (more…)

5 Bay Area Packing Tips

Professional Moving and Packing Tips

bay area moving and storageWhether you’re packing up your Bay Area condo in preparation for a big move to the East Coast; or you’re searching for a moving company to relocate to a new condo you just bought in downtown San Francisco, you want the process to be efficient, effective, and safe. Here are 5 tips that work for local moves, long distance moves, and all moves in between: (more…)

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